“We are not your average family. Every time we try to get family pictures: well…our favorites are when we are being silly, no one is looking at the camera and it depicts who we actually are. So when I discovered katherine.ruth photography I felt over the moon. Finally family pictures that suit us as a family.  Katherine, who not only has an amazing eye is someone you feel comfortable around.  She is very talented in the way she can be very present to capture true moments, and as a family we felt comfortable to just be.   The time she spent with our family went by quickly and was completely inhibited. When I saw the pictures I was shocked that is was possible for anyone to capture all those split moment expressions that make your heart melt. It is a true representation of who our family really is. She gives us so much more, not just the moment when we are forcing everyone to smile but those tender moments between sisters,  and that moment of admiration a three year old can look at their mom, and the excitement children get when their dad is spinning them in circles. You get a day worth of all those moments captured brilliantly through a lens that she can translate into life for you  to keep forever.”

-Jacy E.


"This session was amazing for our family, it took our everyday life and made it fun and exciting! I got to see things that my kids do when I'm not in the room with them, which was pretty fun! It also captured some of the daily hardships we have been going through! You were fantastic and made us all feel really comfortable! I'm fairly certain the kids want you to come back just to play! We will definitely be doing this again."

-Caylen K.


"I'm speechless right now and that's unheard of for me because I talk a lot when I'm nervous...but these are beautiful. I'm crying. I was just talking to Alec[husband] about what a mess this is most of the time and how I'm weary...and then you send these gifts...I'm awestruck. Thank you. Thank you. You are an amazing artist."

- Rhenna W.