Once you book yours, tell your friends. Post this on Facebook, email it to a mom you know would love photos with Katherine. Buy one for a friend for her birthday. For every friend of yours that books with us you will receive 5 digital negatives from your session.

"This session was amazing for our family, it took our everyday life and made it fun and exciting! I got to see things that my kids do when I'm not in the room with them, which was pretty fun! It also captured some of the daily hardships we have been going through! You were fantastic and made us all feel really comfortable! I'm fairly certain the kids want you to come back just to play! We will definitely be doing this again." -Caylen K.



What is a Day In The Life Session? Day in the Life sessions are meant to portray your life as it really is.  They have much less to do with coordinating clothing and sitting for a portrait... and much more to do with celebrating and capturing what is beautiful in your ordinary life. I will hop into your home(messy and gloriously imperfect!) and follow you and your family around, I won't be intrusive or tell you to hold that pose or tell you what to wear. I’m there silently creating a series of images that tell a story about this particular season in your family’s life together. You might forget that I am there! I will simply be documenting your family as you are. 

What kind of day should we capture? The main purpose of these sessions is to capture the real, everyday moments, so just your average day is just perfect. However, the options are limitless! We can brainstorm together!This can be done to mark a transition, to document a life season that is fleeting, or just because.

Do I need to clean my house? - You have kids. Your house will never be clean again :) I am there to photograph a REAL day in your life, and that means if there’s sippy cups on the floor and lego’s on the table, then great! One day you’re going to miss those sippy cups on the floor. That’s why you hired me.

I have cats and dogs, is that okay? - I love animals, and they are part of your family. I try and make sure to capture your fur baby as well :)

Do I get the digital files? This session does not come with digital files but, we do offer them as an add on.

Can I buy a package for someone? Yes! Just make sure they know the date restriction so they don’t miss the awesome, insane savings!

Can I just skip the photo reveal and review my photos online in my own time? We value your time and we value your experience. This full service is the best experience for you to meet with us to make your selections and to let us help you with the best options for your photos, your home, and your budget. We promise this it the most pressure free appointment, Katherine is just a guide in the process. The only thing we will insist upon, because we KNOW this is what is that you make your selection that day. Don’t worry, though, we will give you at least 24 hours with your gallery before your meeting. It’s painless, we promise.

Where do we take the photos? These Day In The Life session should take place somewhere that is special to your family. Your home, your backyard, a favorite park or ice cream shop. Because the session is only 2 hours we recommend keeping the locations to one spot or up to two locations if they are close together.

What should we wear? Don’t panic and don’t overthink it. Twenty years from now you will just see the beautiful faces of your now-grown children(and maybe you’d laugh and your most carefully chosen clothing anyway)