in search of family for a 2 hour long "day in the life" session

what is a "day in the life" session?

a "day in the life" sessions are meant to portray your life as it really is. I will accompany you during the activities of your choice and document you without direction.  this style is known as family photojournalism.

In 2016, I am working on a large photo project. I need an easy-going family willing to let me have some fun with my camera.

A contract and model release will be required. The session will be held within the next couple of months. I will be taking ongoing submissions until my project is complete. I cannot promise I will be able to get back to you if you are not chosen, sorry!

My first choices will need to happen in Dane county Wisconsin… though if you wanna do a session beyond and think I will love the idea, submit and we might be able to arrange something! 

Above all, this is going to be a FUN experience! One that will give you everlasting, tangible memories just for helping out! I cannot wait to learn more about you!

I’m looking for a family with an appreciation for unposed, storytelling photos...

if this is you. please fill out this form. 


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for me a memory would be playing on the swings and going swimming at my grandma's pool.
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