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Day In The Life session have much less to do with coordinating clothing and sitting for a portrait... and much more to do with celebrating and capturing what is beautiful in your everyday life. I will hop into a your family’s (messy and gloriously imperfect!) home for 2 or more hours while you are doing all your normal stuff together, I won't be intrusive or tell you to hold that pose. No one is asked to stop and look at the camera or even to smile. instead, as you play and work together I’m there simply creating a series of images that tell a story about this particular season in your family’s life together. This can be done to mark a transition, to document a life season that is fleeting, or just because.

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All sessions include an in-person guided ordering appointment. Prints and products sold separately. Clients typically budget $900-4000.

All sessions include an in-person guided ordering appointment. Prints and products sold separately. Clients typically budget $900-4000.

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A Day in the Life session can be done in a short 2 hours, a half day, or a whole day.  I love working with the family to make a unique story that describes your family perfectly.  Life goes by so quickly that we often miss little moments that mean way more than a posed family portrait.  Let me capture these moments for you! It would be an honor to be apart of telling your story.

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What kind of day should we capture? The main purpose of these sessions is to capture the real, everyday moments, so just your average day is just perfect. However, the options are limitless! We can brainstorm together!

What is the ideal time to book a documentary family session? The great thing about family storytelling is that it is not seasonal — we can record your memories at any time of the year. In the winter, we could do an outdoor session playing in the snow, and then move inside for hot chocolate and reading or coloring. In the summer, we can capture water play and gardening; in the fall, playing in the leaves. Many sessions are a mix of indoor and outdoor activities, but it can be all one or the other depending on your family’s habits and preferences. In terms of your child’s growth, milestones or birthdays can be a great time to have your family photographed. But really, the best time to do it is NOW. Because this moment in time is finite, and we want to capture it before it’s gone.

Why would I choose a Full or Half Day in the Life session rather than a shorter 2 hour session? A Full Day in the Life (DITL) session is for clients who want MORE. More time, more activities, more memories captured. This would be a great type of session to have once a year to remember a typical day in your life when your child was each age.  A Half Day in the Life session is a compromise between the two — it will involve two meals or snacks, bath time and bedtime if it is at the end of the day, and other activities significant to your family. With either of the DITL sessions, you will get a more complete story.

What if we get sick? Don’t worry! We will work with you to make sure that your session is a great experience. Sick kids are not good subjects! We will definitely reschedule as needed.

Can Grandma and Grandpa join us? Absolutely. Whoever is a part of your life is welcome to be a part of your session. There is no limit to how many people participate, just keep in mind that having at least some of the day be quiet and “normal” is ideal. This isn’t a 10 hour photo shoot, it’s just a day in your life, through photos.

Do I need to clean my house? - You have kids. Your house will never be clean again :) I am there to photograph a REAL day in your life, and that means if there’s sippy cups on the floor and lego’s on the table, then great! One day you’re going to miss those sippy cups on the floor. That’s why you hired me.

What if my son had football practice and my daughter has dance class? - Wherever you go I go. You’re going to get some really amazing pictures of your kids doing what they love to do! I just ask that you let the coach/teacher know that I am coming so it is not a shock when your paparazzi shows up.

I have cats and dogs, is that okay? - I love animals, and they are part of your family. I try and make sure to capture your fur baby as well :)

Can we take you with us on vacation? - Yes! I love vacation, even though I won’t technically be on one while I’m with you. Tell me where you’re going and we’ll figure it all out :)